Sunday, May 06, 2007

Michi Loses Her Hair!

Both of our cats are rescues and Michi Magick has always had a problem with matting. There was never a way to get rid of the huge and terrible knots in her undercoat, so I started cutting away. She helped by biting back the layers which I'd cut off. Even the groomer wouldn't touch her. Not with clippers or anything.... Finally all her hair was GONE! Her body felt like a baby's butt. She only weighs four pounds and she looked SO tiny with her masses of hair gone! I bought her a chihuahua size dog sweater, but you know how cats in clothes go... flat over on her side. She was amazingly warm to the touch! I was so glad. Now her undercoat is coming in with no knots! She's more playful with Nada and even more loving, if that's possible. I'm sure it'll be months until her guard coat comes in... She and Nada (who is a nurse cat, worried about everyone) have become such good buddies since the event. We've changed their diets and that may have something to do with both her attitude and her nicer coat. The fact that the people who had her before bred her almost to death doesn't help her overall condition either...


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