Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm destashing my studio and got rid of lots of junk today! Tomorrow I have to list about a ton of dollhouse furniture that somehow has multiplied in one box. Since I sold my doll houses, there's no need for the furniture! I have more magazines than one person should be allowed to have! I had to save all the Legacy, Somerset Studio, Inspiration, magazines though! I have three BIG stacks of books to take to the used book store tomorrow. I hate getting rid of books!! But, I still have so many I want to read.. Never enough hours in the day.
Looked through some old photos and found some of me and Gabriel when he came home from the hospital. Such a pretty baby. And I actually look cute! I was so skinny! I always thought I was so ugly. I imagine when I'm 80 and look at pictures of myself now, maybe I'll say, Hey! I didn't look as bad as I thought I did!! Hopefully I'll be about 30 pounds lighter.
Now I'm in major pain. Took a Lortab which is kicking my butt.... Or maybe it's the wine I'm having with it. I know there's pain still there. I just don't care!!
Off to the couch and hopefully I don't OD.....


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