Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Quickie!!

And don't we all just love those!! :)
Seriously, I just wanted to post my first altered book. I don't know if I love it or hate it. It seems to be two books. The one I was trying to make (vintage sort of thing) and the thing IT wanted to be (Insane!!!). BUT, I was trying to convey a feeling about LOVE. But not always good love, happy love. But love with no wings, unrequited love (it's a bore you know), broken love, reckless play, etc. You get the gist.... So, here are a few pictures of it. If they ever reinstate my eBay account (thank you heartless b*&ch that had me suspended. I've been penniless all week.. but, I DID get a lot of artwork done!! So, thanks for that you spineless idiot) Sorry, that was my alter ego. I'm really a very nice person once you get to know me! I might just sell it like I do every other thing I make. When I'm gone and they say I was an artist, there will be no proof! It'll all have been sold on evilbay!!


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