Friday, April 14, 2006

Some Yummy Veggie Meals!!

Here are some great vegetarian/vegan meals we've made lately! The top left picture is a wonderful Frito Pie!! Oh, it was heavenly!! The recipe was from an online vegan group.
Picture two is stuffed shells. The recipe was from Vegan with a Vengance and was sadly VERY bland!!! I added garlic, Italian seasonings, basil, parsley and more garlic and next time will use a spaghetti sauce instead of just tomatoe sauce. PLUS the recipe calls for a whole box of large shells, but the tofu mixture for the filling only fills half the shells! So, now I have a freezer bag full of the other half of the shells. Rather disappointing, but better with lots of seasoning!
The picture below is a Shepherd's Pie from The Moosewood cookbook. Fabulous!!!! Those are mashed red potatoes on the top. Paden made it and it was wonderful!!
Must go look for recipes for the Easter family gathering. I'm thinking I'll take broccoli slaw with pineapple, apple, raisins and sunflower seeds and a pasta salad with veggies. Yum.... :) Namaste!!


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