Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Not So Hot Vegan Dish...

BUT, the Pumpkin Muffins on the Vegan Lunchbox blog were out of this world!!! I can't stop eating them and they're full of fiber, so tomorrow (my first day at my new job) should be interesting!! I used 9 grain, mill stone ground flour that we bought at an old working mill in Grantsville, MD. I was afraid it might make the muffins heavy, but they were awsome!! I used half vanilla extract and half almond just because I ran out of vanilla and I used more ground flaxseed and less sugar. I also doubled the recipe and made two dozen. I'll bet there aren't a dozen left and I made them this morning! Great Shmoo recipe!! See the link in the last entry for the link to her beautiful and inspirational site! Here are the little critters... Are they not gorgeous?? Ben spent the night with us, then Em came over with Alfie and we took a long walk. The weather wasn't bad (suppose to be in the mid 60's this week!!!), sunny but windy. We came back with pink noses. And I think Em has one arm now longer than the other since Alfie takes HER for a walk! I have no earthly idea what happened to Ben's pantleg on this picture! Now for the vegan dinner..... We've been playing with new vegan and vegetarian recipes and so far we've loved everything. This evening I made Pablano Pepper Mac 'n Cheese from an old Vegetarian Times. The recipe was SO wrong! It said it served 4, but called for a 1 pound box of elbow macaroni??? At any rate, it made a ton of noodles with a pablano and cheese sauce which was good, but not good enough to justify half a dozen dirty pots, a blender... well, I could go on but it was alot of work! I should have taken a picture of the sink and table covered with dirty pots and pans!! The dish was OK. We liked the mildly hot pablano pepper taste, but it was nothing to write home about. Tomorrow it's getting a makeover since there's a BIG bowl of it left and it doesn't seem to have any protein or anything else really nutritious about it, it seems like just a big side dish!! OK, pictures... Yes, it's GREEN!! Two of the pablanos were put in the blender with a roux of whole wheat flour and soy milk. Those green stripes on top are slices of pepper. Green mac 'n cheese.... We'll have to see how it turns out reduxed tomorrow!! That's it for tonight... Wish me luck at my new job... I lost 4 pounds since coming back from the dark side!!! Namaste!


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