Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cha Cha Cha Changes......

Life is shifting once again.... Monday I go back into the salt mines with the sincere hopes that this isn't going to be a quick burnout job. I thought moving from FL to the PA mountains where things seemed cheaper would enable both of us to stay home and sell our art. Not... With the cost of natural gas, we have yet to turn on the furnace. We thought we'd be smart and just use the electric oil filled radiators which work great. BUT, our electric bill was almost $400!! That means we've used up half of our CAP energy assistance for 2006! In ONE bill!! So, off I trudge to hopefully help others be directed to programs to help with their heating bills. Funny, huh? Anyhow, here are some new pictures of things I've made lately. We've gone back to vegetarian and I've been having a blast trying out new recipes! Here's the one I made tonight, Tofu and Rice Stuffed Peppers from . I'd definitely par boil the peppers first next time I make it. It was really wonderful!! We had raw broccoli slaw (with pineapple, apple, raisins and sunflower seeds) and applesauce with it. Last night we had Fabio's Portabello Passion which I think was from the recipes on It was Fabio-licious!! I could eat it every night of the week!!

Here's a new picture of the sisters, Nada Django and Michi Magick. Poor Michi has been so bred for a look that she can't even eat hard catfood. She gets several dishes of yogurt (orange is her favorite) during the day and handfed soft catfood. It's a crime what they did to her. The way she was bred just for a look with no thought that she'd have such a terrible underbite that she can't eat or that she thinks her muzzle is the length of a domestic shorthair, so she can't even wash her own face because she's licking the air instead of her paw and is unable to give herself a bath. Or that her eyes are so bugged out because her head is like a little biscuit, that her eyes run most of the time and she usually sleeps with them partially open. But, she's all love. She just loves and loves and loves me! (She is a rescue as is Nada)

And lastly are my first pair of socks for CIC. I have another pair done in wool in pink and white that turned out really cute and hopefully will keep a little child's feet warm.

Also, here's the first half of my yoga socks! I love this Opal yarn!! I was working on it at the hospital and a woman came over and asked how I could knit something so intricate without a pattern. LOL I had to tell her it was a self-patterning yarn. I started the second sock this aftern


And last, this is top shelf on my 'I want' list! A laptop lunch that's NOT plastic! I could really use this for work!! Here's a link to their site: and a great blog with beautiful daily photographs of a child's lunch in this lunch kit here:

Please email me ideas for non wool socks that don't fall down! I think I'm going to end up going the whole way vegan again..... If you get Linktv, don't miss Witness! 45 minute documentary. Disturbing, beautiful. You gotta love Eddie Lama's compassion and gentle spirit. Here's another link to linktv's programming:


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