Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring has Sprung!!

Just two spring pictures of the mountain as seen from our side door. These pictures were taken less than a week apart. Spring just exploded! Of course that means everyone you see has a runny nose and scratchy voices from the tree pollen, but boy, it's nice to not see dead looking vegetation!! Enjoy!!

I'm not sure what this pink tree is, but it's just crammed with flowers! Must be honey bee heaven!! And the forsythia bush that exploded a few days ago. Now it's going to green leaves.

And lastly some pics of our Easter baskets that Paden and I gave each other. So cute!! I found a basket for him with motorcycles on it!!
Also some pictures I took at church of the Easter flowers. I bought one of the hyacinths in memory of Beau and it was all yellowed on the leaves and the flowers were half dead! It lasted almost three days and died. And it wasn't cheap! Paden bought me a hyacinth for Easter for a couple dollars and it's still going and smelling wonderful after two weeks! I wasn't happy about that! Sorry Bear....
I noticed on the way out the beautiful stained glass window as I was leaving church, so I quick snapped a picture of it. It was nice how the sun was shining through it


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